Kiefer and David

By Tony Jamison

The following takes place between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. Mondays on Fox (oh how I miss the countdown). For us immovable 24 fans, Touch is the morphine shot we need until the resurrection of our favorite super-agent on the silver screen. I started to get this twitch in my right arm as I watched Jack Bauer, oops I mean Kiefer Sutherland, on primetime television again! Kiefer Sutherland’s new show Touch starts March 19th, and is about Sutherland’s character (Martin) who is bothered by an inability to communicate to his mute, autistic son (Jake). Now what this show reminds me of is Nick Cage’s movie the Knowing, ABC’s greatest show Flash Forward, and Jim Carey’s 23 all mixed into 24’s build up screens. Touch brings characters with profound emotions into a nail biting thriller that will make you think you’re seeing Fibonacci Sequence, if you don’t know, please look it up because it’s important to the show. In terms of the setting, New York, New York (Yay, Giants!) is the great city where Kiefer takes on this adventure, just like the last season of 24 (Coincidence? I don’t know, you tell me). With the sentimental aspect of 9/11 thrown into the fray and the father’s fight with the New York City storm troopers to keep his son out of the state’s great juvenile system, you are bound to see flashes of Jack somewhere.

Most upsetting about Touch is Kiefer’s inability to kick ass like we are all accustom to seeing. Also, many of Jack’s mannerisms are identical to Martin’s (the damn blinking when he is in pain is annoying), but I don’t think Kiefer will ever be able to escape Jack’s character completely. However, Touch is very unique and does things rarely displayed on television. For example, there are multiple storylines around the globe involving a multitude of different individuals but somehow they are all connected to one another. Kind of like Flash Forward with the different storylines but this is on a large scale with better character development. Touch has the capability of being an amazing series and offers much more bravado, but we all know if a show is remotely good it gets canceled (Flash Forward, Lie to Me, Arrested Development, Veronica Mars). I hope Fox finally chooses quality over ratings, but we shall see. It’s a well done and intriguing show that will has the gravitas that will hook most people.