Peeking into cinematic history, films with the word Gone” in the title have had huge success. Gone with the Wind, Gone Baby Gone, and Gone in 60 Seconds are great movies that come to mind. Unfortunately, the new blockbuster, Gone, will not be joining that list.

Gone, starring Amanda Seyfried hit theatres this past Friday. Seyfriend plays Jill, a woman who claims she was abducted over a year ago and never saw her attacker. The local police didn’t believe her causing the investigation to be dropped, dragging Jill deeper into psychological torment. When Jill’s alcoholic sister, Molly, played by Emily Wickersham, was also abducted, Jill’s gut tells her that it’s the same attacker.

The story continues at a moderate pace as Jill looks for her sister on her own.

Jill keeps telling lies upon lies, making the seperation from fact and fiction a little hard to follow. It’s hard to trust the main character if her actions and intentions are not completely clear. The film has many small climaxes, but nothing to make the viewer have an “oh my god” moment.

Overall, the movie was a huge dissapoinment. Gone is like a boring game of Clue that almost all the players gave up on. Seyfried’s character is not easy to understand or disect, mostly because she’s just an uncontrollable wreck. In time this movie will be gone and forgotten.