By Samita Mason

A giant, green balloon with Kermit the Frog’s face floats in the air as visitors approached the Johnson Center Cinema Friday night where the Weekends at Mason (WAM) department was sponsoring a free event for students, $2 for outside guests to watch the movie, “Muppets Takeover!”

Flyers, Kermit masks and muppet posters were just some of the muppets memorabilia that were displayed at the entrance of the cinema. There were also the it’s-not-easy-being-green cupcakes in the lobby.

“There is a caricaturist that will muppify you,” said Millod Shahsiah, 21, a junior studying Global Affairs from Virginia Beach, Va. who was working at the event.

Doors to the event opened at 7:30 p.m and in 15 minutes, Caitlyn Veisely, a 23-year-old graduate student majoring in Health Communication, had handed out 50 muppet tote bags.

“Who knows about your Muppets, people?” asked Shahsiah, beginning trivia for pre-show movie goers.  The first question, “What are the names of Hensen’s hecklers?” read by Shahsiah as it showed on the big screen. Hands quickly flew in the air. “Statler & Waldorf,” screamed out Ian Watts, 16, from Fairfax, Va., who was attending the event with his mother Susan Watts.

Ian won a Muppet keychain.

There is one event every weekend. Details for each weekend’s event can be found online at the WAM website. “Our job is to brainstorm on events that people would want to attend,” said Shahsiah, a WAM Program assistant. “I just want to make sure people get involved and have something fun to do. Everyone loves free things.”