By Tabby Hardman

Greg Bannister wants to make you a better man.

The 25-year-old community health major is the founder and President of a group on campus called G.E.N.T.-Men, which stands for Gallant, Educated, Noticeable, Tremendous — Men.

“The idea came from the struggles I went through as a freshman,” he says.

Originally from Roanoke, Va. he spent his first couple years years at The University of Virginia-Wise. But, he didn’t do well in school and he lost his financial aide and had to transfer to a community college.

In September 2010, he transferred to Mason — determined to create a group to help guys who needed guidance and advice. In April 2011, he held an interest meeting and soon he had nine members of his organization. Six of them, make up the executive board.

“The aim we are trying to achieve is to bring all males from different races, ages, and backgrounds at George Mason and help them prevent mistakes they make at University—be it academic, social, personal,”said Abraham Hart, a 20-year-old, criminology major from Silver Spring, and liaison of the organization.

The group’s slogan is: “Setting a trend today, so it’s tradition tomorrow.”

They want to help students structure their life, so they don’t party too much and bomb out of college.

“The freedom of school can become overwhelming and it’s our goal to help guys make those steps in the right direction,” said Hart.

Every Sunday at 6 p.m. the organization meets in the Johnson Center, room F,  to induct new
members and also hold an open study hour for anyone to come and check out the group as well as get some work done.

“When they’re at the meetings we try to give them at least one tip to better their study skills and themselves,” said Khy Long, a 21-year-old, management major from Chesapeake, Va. and secretary of the organization.

Men seeking to join have to be academically and socially worthy.

“Members have to have at least a 2.5 grade point average, a respectable image on campus, and they have to show commitment—we want them to be a regular, not just show up every so often,” said Long.

This coming Sunday G.E.N.T-Men are holding another weekly meeting in which they will add another 11 members to their roster and are hoping to branch out and mix with other on campus groups very soon.