Never before has there been a completely student-run, late-night news broadcast at Mason.

That is, until Late Night Patriot hit the scene.

Jake McLernon, also known as Jolly J for his brand Jolly J. Photography, is the creator of the brand-new show.

McLernon got his inspirations from Steve Buttry, a former reporter and editor who is now the director of Community Engagement & Social Media for Journal Register Co, when he presented to the online journalism course McLernon was taking.

“Buttry telling us that if you have an idea, you’ve got to work with it, just motivated me to start something new,” said McLernon, a senior majoring in communication from Herndon, Va.

And McLernon hopes that Late Night Patriot will stand out from all the other student media.

“I hope it’ll become the best part of student media,” explains McLernon. “Since we have nothing else like it, I see it being something that’s worth it for a college campus.”

But, he adds — he couldn’t have done it without his team of anchors, which consists of three other Communication students: Jeremy Eley, Karina Schultheis and Brit Wright.

Schultheis and Wright both report on Mason news for each week and Eley delivers the Weekly Rundown, a list of events and goings-on at Mason.

Late Night Patriot broadcasts every Monday night at 10 p.m., and you can check out their previous shows on Facebook as well as Connect2Mason.