By Kayla Cohen

“We the Party” was definitely a party I wish I hadn’t shown up to.


“We the Party” is the story of five friends in L.A. trying to fit in.

Great, another one of those stories.

It shows the normal high school problems:Trying to be cool, fitting in, partying, and the totally cliché theme of losing their virginity. We’ve seen it happen in “American Pie” and “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” so why are we being shown it again?

For an extensive amount of time in the 104-minute production, all we see are these girls grinding on the dance floor. Really? No wonder I was the only female in the movie theatre. Sadly, that wasn’t the only thing wrong with this movie.

Casting: Who thought it was a good idea to put Snoop Dogg on the big screen again? I thought his acting career ended after “Soul Plane” and cameos on “Scrubs.” The director, Mario Van Peebles’, also thought it would be a great idea to cast his kids. Unfortunately that was a mistake. Their acting brings nothing to the table, and without them, the film could have been tolerable. And whose idea was it to cast Rico from the Hannah Montana television series? It was almost as if Van Peebles contacted as many celebrities as he could get to be in the movie, with or without acting talent (The New Boyz, Quincy Brown, etc.)

The “R” rating of the movie probably made the least amount of sense. Why would a movie about life choices and high school only be available to kids who are about to graduate if they haven’t already? Nothing in the movie was too profane or inappropriate for a high school audience.

“We the Party” brings nothing new to the table. Same high school problems, same high school themes. And sadly looks like it was made on a high school budget. Besides the lack of acting talent, the wardrobe looks like it was picked out of the actor’s own closets and the hair and makeup just weren’t cutting it.

Sadly, I had a lot of hope for this movie. I wanted Van Peebles’ to bring a fresh twist to this old theme, but everything just fell short. Out of the 22 other people in the theatre, 13 were left by time the credits rolled. Maybe they were sleeping, and forgot to leave.  I wish I had left earlier too.