Mason’s Peep-tastic Contest

By Rachel Newdorf Peeps aren’t just Easter candy. Every Spring in the D.C. Metro area they get transformed into art. For the past six years, The Washington Post has held a contest using the beloved marshmallow Easter candy. Popular culture, historical events and local phenomena are transformed into creative dioramas featuring the sugary and marshmallow-y […]

Justice is finally here…the band, that is!

By Zohra Alnoor The floor is sticky and wet, my clothes are drenched in sweat that’s not all my own, and I’m sure I’ll have lost hearing in my left ear in the morning. But if you were to ask me how I’m feeling, I would say, “I am in bliss.” Why? Well, because less […]

Tea time!

By Zohra Alnoor Bernard-Paul Heroux once said, “There is no trouble so great or grave that cannot be much diminished by a nice cup of tea.” So, over Spring Break, I decided it was a good time for tea. On Tuesday, March 13, a friend of mine and I walked into Tudor Place. It was […]

Dance Mom’s Mockery

By: Tabby Hardman It’s 3:30 a.m. and I was writing a dreadful English paper in the pits of darkness with nothing but a faulty lamp illuminating my corner of the room. The television flickered to the next program and funky music started to play, I look up and realized “Dance Mom’s Miami” is on. I pushed […]

A Barefoot Dance Party Sounds Dangerous…

By: Rebecca Offenkrantz   Having grown up in Florida, I love walking barefoot. However, for children in Argentina and other poverty-stricken countries, walking barefoot isn’t a choice — they do it because they don’t own shoes. That’s where TOMS comes in. Founded by Blake Mycoskie, in 2006, TOMS is a purpose-driven, one-for-one company. With every pair of […]

The Hunger Games Made Me Hungry For More

BY: Ryan Weisser All anyone talks about these days is “The Hunger Games” since the movie hit the silver screen on March 23. Of course, the novel came out years ago (2008, in case you were wondering), and of course there wasn’t much hype about the books until there was talk about the movie. This […]

Jolly J and Mason Students are Shaking Up Student Media with “Late Night Patriot”

BY: RYAN WEISSER Never before has there been a completely student-run, late-night news broadcast at Mason. That is, until Late Night Patriot hit the scene. Jake McLernon, also known as Jolly J for his brand Jolly J. Photography, is the creator of the brand-new show. McLernon got his inspirations from Steve Buttry, a former reporter and editor […]

REVIEW: Supersensorial: Experiments in Light, Color and Space

By Rachel Newdorf Nickelodeon’s “Double Dare,” or even NBC’s “Fear Factor” is nothing compared to the new interactive exhibit now on display at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden. You might not be made to eat worms, or hit your Mom in the face with a pie, but you will experience art in a new […]

Automated Treat Machine coming soon!

By: Anthony Jamison 2012 is the year of the gadgets: iPad HD, Sony’s Google TV, and Sprinkles’ cupcake ATM machine? Yes, you read that correctly, a cupcake ATM machine. A friend of mine literally jumped up and down when I told her about it. Sources at the Georgetown Sprinkles say there might be round-the-clock cupcake vending […]

Kids Will Be Kids

At some point, everyone’s been bullied. Even Emmy-award winning director Lee Hirsch was bullied as a child– and he wants to show that people have a choice to be a bully or not. His new film illustrates that you can be the person watching the bully, or the person stopping it. Hirsch followed five children and their […]