By Anthony Jamison

Hulk Smash! Hulk Smash!

I love the combination of those two words. Now only if there were some kind of way to

make a movie where Hulk came to life and didn’t suck.

It looks like  “The Avengers” — while not third installment of the Hulk, but might be the best screen rendering of him.

The Hulk is my favorite superhero (I drink out of a Hulk coffee mug and have three different pairs of Hulk boxers).

I am so hyped, so amped up, so geeked up about the “The Avengers” — a movie star studded to the max. Usually this formula correlates that it will be a shitty movie (think:  “New Years Eve” and “Valentine’s Day”).

I will bet everything I got (which is not much) that this defies that rule.

As you watch the trailers you are already in a deep trance where you must see more. Every trailer just gives you a little bit more to what you should be expecting from “The Avengers.” You see all of the right depictions of the Avengers members from the intelligent, flashy Tony Stark (Ironman) to the cunning and heroic Steve Rogers (Captain American). From the looks of things the movie is following the comics as close as possible. Hulk is destroying everything, Thor is fight Loki, Ironman is being a playboy, while Captain American is trying to save everyone.

There are two clips I think showed the movie is on par with the comics. Specifically, the dialogue between Tony Stark and Loki where Loki brags that he has an Army, but Tony counters him by saying “Well, we have a Hulk,” (and a good Hulk could outfit an Army). And the other clip is when Cap looks at the Hulk and says “Hulk smash” then the Hulk laughs because you know that is all he wanted to hear.

I know where I will be on May 3rd at midnight, with my Hulk fist and Hulk t-shirt on. I can’t wait.