By Tabby Hardman

Considering myself a “Real Housewives” psychopath, who watches every season and picks every aspect of every show apart with a
fine-toothed comb as if I know these women on a personal level—I have to admit my ‘Jersey Girls’ have proved me right once again.

“The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” which aired its fourth season on April 22 at 10 p.m. on BRAVO, is up and running with a whole new twist to the show. As well as darker tans, thicker make-up, and enough diamonds to pay off the National Debt.

In previous seasons there was an unbreakable pact between the philosophical Caroline Manzo, the sweetheart Jacqueline Laurita, and the ever entertaining and my personal favorite Teresa Giudice against anyone who tried to take them down—i.e. Danielle Staub (former castmate).

Now the tables have turned all because of Teresa’s infamous cookbook in which she said mean things about all of her cast mates — including calling Caroline as Italian as the Olive Garden. Teresa says it’s all in good fun — it’s a joke, funny, ha ha, get it — but her cast mates aren’t laughing.

It’s Caroline, Jacqueline, Melissa Gorga (the hot young wife of Teresa’s brother), and Kathy Wakile (Teresa’s cousin)—against Teresa.

Albeit I feel terrible for my main girl Teresa, the drama is positively mouth-watering and to anyone who has never seen the show it’s
impossible to switch stations.

Between Teresa apologizing every five seconds for her cookbook, Jacqueline’s battle to kick out her freeloading and moronic 20-year-old daughter Ashlee, Melissa yelling “Thank you Jesus” every time she reminds us of how wealthy she is, Caroline’s overly philosophical remarks about “the Italian culture,” and Kathy crying every two seconds about God knows what—it’s enough to transfix a hamster.

I project this season to be stellar once again—but if my ‘Jersey Girls’ don’t cut it this time around, I may  have to take a trip to see my other Jersey favorites along “The Shore” courtesy of MTV.