photo credit: jdland.com

By: Jessica Farley

There’s no better way to usher in the summer months than with baseball; relaxing in the stands with a cold beer, a hot dog, and your team winning seems to be the highlight of many people’s warm weather days.

Unless of course you’re ushering in summertime with a brand new college diploma- that’s pretty cool too.

What’s the only thing better than saying “Sayonara!” to a semester of term papers, all-nighters, and a sea of scantrons and blue books with one of these two things? Both, of course! And, thanks in part to George Mason University Life, graduating seniors will have just that.

Graduating seniors are eligible for a maximum of two $5.00 tickets to this Saturday’s Nationals vs. Phillies game taking place in Washington National Park. Tickets are being sold at The Office of Student Involvement in The Hub on a first-come first-serve basis, with 100 tickets available.  This $5.00 Nats game is just one of many events provided for graduating seniors through “GradFest,” a series of different events and activities compiled for graduating seniors and grad students with the help of University Life, Alumni Association, Career Services, and a committee of students and staff alike.  A complete list of their other events, which includes a “Career Lunch” and a “Graduate Student Happy Hour,” can be found online or through their Facebook page.

Graduate Student Valerie Skinner, 22, with a degree in Curriculum and Instruction, has already scooped up her Nats tickets, saying “I’ve always loved going to baseball games, so it’s awesome that Mason has done this for us. It’s a great reward for all the hard work we’ve put in over the years!”

So, GMU’s graduating class of 2012, reward yourself! Pick up your tickets before they run out. And don’t forget to “root root root for the home team!’