Lana Del Rey: Will She Stay?


This Spring, it’s been evidenced in many top designer’s runway shows that bigger definitely is better. 1950’s vintage-inspired bouffant hairdos, pouty lips and mega lashes a la Brigitte Bardot are forecasted to be the go-to trend for beauty, while apparel will play up the pin-up sexiness of the glamorous old Hollywood that is iconic to American style. In perfect sync with Spring’s hottest trend comes the songstress of the moment, Lana Del Rey. The 25-year old, self-proclaimed “gangster Nancy Sinatra” is firing up the music scene with her sultry looks and equally sultry voice. While she’s already a YouTube hit, (her single “Video Games” has already garnered more than 2 million views) the real test of talent came with the January release of her first studio album, “Born to Die”.


Del Rey’s title track starts the CD off with theatrical strings and drums as she croons about a “love” based on getting high and having fun. The type of relationship that Del Rey sings about in “Born to Die” also mimics the lyrics in “Video Games” (“He holds me in his big arms/Drunk and I am seeing stars…”). While her songs paint a carefree picture of young relationships, the music accompaniment across the whole album has an eerie feel. Even her vocals are jaded and distant as she proclaims “They say that the world is built for two/ Only way worth living if somebody is loving you”


There’s no doubt that Del Rey’s premiere album is a one-noted song, but I don’t hold that against her. She’s a caricature of the glamorous starlets who graced the silver screens in during the heyday of Hollywood. While she, of course, didn’t live and breathe the seedy streets of 1950’s LA, Del Rey is convincing. As far as staying power in the game, it’s hard to tell. She fits right into the style of “now”, but she may need a reinvention by next season in order to keep her relevancy with the public. If music doesn’t work out for her, though, I won’t be too bummed; her gorgeous face and hair is enough to keep her at the top of my inspiration board.

— Avery Cheatham Banks