Dancing for Life

By Tabby Hardman Susan Artz isn’t shopping inside Forever 21 — she’s dancing. She’s flapping her arms and shaking her rear as customers mill around her. And, while she dances, someone records it. This, is a Dance Dare a la Ellen DeGeneres. In case you aren’t a regular fan of the afternoontalk show, Ellen regularly […]

Lindy and Laughs

By Tabby Hardman Five…Six…Five, six, seven, eight! This is the sound that rings around the Johnson Center Dance Studio every Thursday night between 7:30 and 11 p.m. as the George Mason Swing Dance Club is fully immersed in practice. Maryam Sodeifi, a 24-year-old senior and Sociology major from Burke, Va., founded the club in 2009 having […]

He’s All The RAVE

By Tabby Hardman Will Raver, an 18-year-old finance major from Sea Girt, N.J. spends his spare time, rapping, making music videos, and posting them online with the hopes of making it big one day. In high school — friends encouraged him to start putting his raps to music. Senior year, his buddy Joe Kane posted one of […]