Art for the People

The Floating Lab Remuseum An object “re-installed” from the Remuseum By Rachel Newdorf Museums usually stay in one place. But the Remuseum travels around the Washington D.C.-area in a converted food delivery truck. The Floating Lab Collective is a group of artists collaboratively working together to create art that involves the viewers and make people […]

Bringing Gentlemen to George Mason

By Tabby Hardman Greg Bannister wants to make you a better man. The 25-year-old community health major is the founder and President of a group on campus called G.E.N.T.-Men, which stands for Gallant, Educated, Noticeable, Tremendous — Men. “The idea came from the struggles I went through as a freshman,” he says. Originally from Roanoke, […]

The Coupon King

By Tabby Hardman David Lieu calls himself a coupon king. Although he’s not as crazy as the TLC Extreme Couponers who stock their garage with mountains of diapers and deodorant the 24-year-old Mason Graduate student doesn’t buy anything without a coupon. “I was raised to know that every cent counts, my parents and their parents […]