A Helping Handbag

  By Tabby Hardman Not only are Bindle Bags stylish and chic — but buying one helps the homeless. Frank Petricoin, a 19-year-old philosophy major and aspiring social entrepreneur created the concept for Bindle Bags last fall. The idea to start this business had been brewing in Petricoin’s head since junior year of high school and […]

The Secret to A Masonette’s Long Lush Lashes

By Tabby Hardman Ever notice Masonette Abbie Santee’s eyelashes? They’re long. Like mascara-commercial long. And they’re not fake. “People I know always ask me how my eyelashes are so long and thick,” Abbie says. What’s her secret? Latisse — a prescription-only medication that makes eyelashes grow like crazy. “It makes them so much longer, darker […]