Free Gourmet Food On Campus Today and Tomorrow!

By Jessica Farley Fancy, gourmet foods aren’t usually associated with most college campuses. But, George Mason’s “Crazy Awesome Food and Entertainment” club is working to change that. Today and tomorrow at 4 p.m. in Southside’s professional kitchen and Parking Lot L, Crazy Awesome Food and Entertainment will be providing free gourmet food in honor of Mason […]

Just Chillin’ With my Main B—-

By: Jessica Farley So you know those nights when your brain is fried, you just want to lie on the couch in your  rattiest sweats, and eating what may or may not amount to 2,000 calories of Cherry Garcia straight from the carton? “Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23,” ABC’s latest sitcom venture, is […]

The Times They Are a-Changin’: Mad Men Review

By: Jessica Farley It was in 1964 that Bob Dylan first sang “The Times They Are a-Changin’.” And that they did. Season Five of AMC’s cult favorite, Mad Men, premiered last Sunday after a long and, for fans, painful hiatus. The show, which started out following Don Draper and the Madison Avenue gang in the […]

Whatever…. Hot Chelle Rae

By: Jessica Farley “La, la, la… whatever,” is one of the verses to Hot Chelle Rae’s double platinum hit, “Tonight, tonight.” And “… Whatever,” has been the overwhelming student response to the university’s announcement that the band will be headlining at the 47th annual Mason Day festivities. “All of their songs that I know are […]

Will “Marni for H&M” be a Hit at Mason?

By: Jessica Farley Math major Julie Michaels loves Italian fashion designer Marni. And she was totally amped that the high-end label is now sold at H&M. “I always am interested in off-beat, quirky designers, and Marni definitely fits that,” says Michaels, a  20-year-old sophomore at George Mason University. ” I’ve been pretty excited.” Marni’s designs […]

MTV’s “Made” Comes to Mason

By: Jessica Farley MTV might be making a George Mason University students dream come true. Last Tuesday and Wednesday, producers from MTV’s hit show “Made” visited George Mason University’s Fairfax campus and auditioned students to star in future episodes. The show, which has aired on MTV since 2002, features a different individual every episode pursuing […]

Where Was Calvin?

By: Jessica Farley Calvin Smith rocked the annual homecoming lip-synching competition last year. His name popped up on chatrooms, and he was even recognized and stopped by students on campus. “A group of girls came up to me in a dining hall one night asking me to help them with their moves; it was hilarious!” […]

Nailed It! A Look at Nails Trends for 2012 at GMU

When it comes to nails, Meghann Smith has never really been a “French tip” type of girl. “I think nail art is one of the greatest forms of self-expression,” says Smith, and 18-year-old freshman. “It’s the perfect canvas to get creative without being too over-the-top.” Like many young women, Smith is itching to test out […]