The New HBO series, “Girls” is being called the next “Sex and the City” — but without all the crazy-expensive shoes.

The show takes place in New York starring main character Hannah Horvath (Lena Dunham

who at 25 is the writer, director and star of the show). Horvath is a college graduate who is an aspiring writer with big wishes to have her unfinished book published. Her parents have provided for her for two years post – college so she can get her life on track. They have paid for her rent, insurance and spending money. It is finally time to cut her off and have her support herself. She disagrees, but it isn’t her decision.

In the 30 minutes of air time, the show has several stories occurring. We have Horvath, a 24-year-old who is shocked that her parents will no longer be supporting her. Second, best friend Marnie (Allison Williams) has a party that Horvath ditches. Marnie is also planning on breaking up with her boyfriend who is in love with her. Third, Horvath approaches her boss hoping that he will agree to flip her from an intern to an employee, but he disagrees. Instead, she loses her job and leaves the premise. She stops at a friend’s apartment  Adam (Adam Driver) where we see the two having sexual relations within about 10 minutes of her walking through the front door. Afterwards, Horvath decides to hang out with Adam at his apartment for the afternoon instead of going to a job interview that she is already late for.

Adam shares with her that he receives $800 a month from his grandmother for living like a teenager in his apartment. Classy.

Way too much going on especially for a pilot episode and none of it makes sense.

The cast of “Girls” have the mentality of doing what they want, how they want and that should be how society accepts it. It is filled with a casts of those in their 20s and clearly meant for a specific audience. Seeing as this is being compared to Carrie Bradshaw’s character, this show could have potential. But, right now, I don’t think there’s anything interesting about any of the characters or the show.