Andrew Bird’s Latest Album Rings of Philosophy and Honey Bees.

By: Donovan Taylor Hall “Break it Yourself,” Andrew Bird’s latest album, gracefully brings back the art of story telling with songs. Combining music with social commentary — he makes you think, not just listen. This is Bird’s seventh record Bird has released in the past 15 years. And, while many critics believed his last disc, “Noble […]

Rebounderz is Getting College Kids Higher than Ever Before.

By Donovan Taylor Hall College students are getting really high — on the trampolines at Rebounderz in Sterling, Va. Recently, the indoor arena started teaching intense classes in how to get mega air and do awesome tricks. George Mason University student Christina Slakey’s boyfriend first brought her to the class as a surprise. Slakey, a […]

Bringing Gentlemen to George Mason

By Tabby Hardman Greg Bannister wants to make you a better man. The 25-year-old community health major is the founder and President of a group on campus called G.E.N.T.-Men, which stands for Gallant, Educated, Noticeable, Tremendous — Men. “The idea came from the struggles I went through as a freshman,” he says. Originally from Roanoke, […]

Simone and the Spectrum

By: Donovan Taylor Hall Simone Sattler has been a singer-songer writer since she was born. “I feel like I could sing before I could actually form sentences, she says. “I’m pretty sure I made up songs in baby talk.” The 21-year-old senior majoring in music grew up in Manassas, Va. where she started playing piano and […]

Game Over, Insert Coin

How In One Afternoon, the Fruitless Endeavor of Trying to Find a Needle in a Haystack Lead to Appreciating the Haystack for What it Is by John Gillooly Growing up in Fairfax, there is one places I’ll never forget: An arcade on 236 across from the cemetery near the old courthouse. I used to go […]

Resume, Cover Letter… and Facebook Password?

BY: RYAN WEISSER  Every college student knows that future job employers are going to Google you. So, some of those drunken pictures on Facebook might be a bad idea. But now, some employers are not just seeing what turns up on the search engine, but have actually asked  interviewees for extremely personal information — […]

Whatever…. Hot Chelle Rae

By: Jessica Farley “La, la, la… whatever,” is one of the verses to Hot Chelle Rae’s double platinum hit, “Tonight, tonight.” And “… Whatever,” has been the overwhelming student response to the university’s announcement that the band will be headlining at the 47th annual Mason Day festivities. “All of their songs that I know are […]

Will “Marni for H&M” be a Hit at Mason?

By: Jessica Farley Math major Julie Michaels loves Italian fashion designer Marni. And she was totally amped that the high-end label is now sold at H&M. “I always am interested in off-beat, quirky designers, and Marni definitely fits that,” says Michaels, a  20-year-old sophomore at George Mason University. ” I’ve been pretty excited.” Marni’s designs […]

Let the Best Man Win

By Samita Mason Funny, adorable and beautiful actress Reese Witherspoon is back with another comedy. This Means War, released on Feb. 17, 2012 involves two CIA agents who find out they are dating the same woman. Special agent FDR Foster (Chris Pine), and special agent Tuck Henson (Tom Hardy) are best friends. FDR is a […]

Dancing with the Stars, best season yet?

By: Victoria Miller Dancing with the Stars kicked of their 14th season on Monday, introducing 14 new contestants. Stars paired with their dancing professional partners took on either the spicy Latin Cha Cha Cha or the elegant Foxtrot. Who will take home the coveted Mirror Ball Trophy? Maria & Derek: Cha Cha Cha ‘Extra’ TV […]