Zac Efron took a walk to remember in “The Lucky One”

By Kayla Cohen “The Lucky One,”  is the story of a sergeant in the Marines, Logan (played by Zac Efron,) who finds a photograph of a beautiful girl named Beth (played by Taylor Schilling) in the rubble after a night raid. After keeping the photo as a good luck charm, and narrowly escaping death on […]

Free Gourmet Food On Campus Today and Tomorrow!

By Jessica Farley Fancy, gourmet foods aren’t usually associated with most college campuses. But, George Mason’s “Crazy Awesome Food and Entertainment” club is working to change that. Today and tomorrow at 4 p.m. in Southside’s professional kitchen and Parking Lot L, Crazy Awesome Food and Entertainment will be providing free gourmet food in honor of Mason […]

My “Return to Paradise”: SAM SPARRO Concert Review

By Tabby Hardman It was Tuesday night at the Rock and Roll Hotel in northeast D.C.—the night Sam Sparro rocked my world. Having been a fan of the electro-funk/soul musician since 2008 when his award-winning single, “Black and Gold,” was released—I could not believe I was about to be in the same venue as my […]

Lindy and Laughs

By Tabby Hardman Five…Six…Five, six, seven, eight! This is the sound that rings around the Johnson Center Dance Studio every Thursday night between 7:30 and 11 p.m. as the George Mason Swing Dance Club is fully immersed in practice. Maryam Sodeifi, a 24-year-old senior and Sociology major from Burke, Va., founded the club in 2009 having […]

MLB 12: the Show. So Real It’s Unreal!

By: Anthony Jamison As an avid gamer, I have played almost every sports franchise ever created. There have been few games that have captured the spirit of their respective sport, but none have done so diligently as MLB: The Show franchise. Without a shadow of doubt, MLB: The Show is the only baseball franchise to year […]

Just Chillin’ With my Main B—-

By: Jessica Farley So you know those nights when your brain is fried, you just want to lie on the couch in your  rattiest sweats, and eating what may or may not amount to 2,000 calories of Cherry Garcia straight from the carton? “Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23,” ABC’s latest sitcom venture, is […]

Cultures of Resistance: The Human Spirit Lives On

By Daniel A. Shyti In the same place where companies like Microsoft and Nokia reap their mineral wealth, you will find the same Uranium used for the atomic bombs dropped in World War II.  You will find that pessimism runs deep where a million members of an ethnic group are systematically hunted and killed.  But […]

REVIEW: Daredevil Vol.1 Hardcover

Writer: Mark Waid Artists: Paolo Rivera, Marcos Martin Publisher: Marvel Comics By: John Gillooly Tell any reader of Daredevil — from Frank Miller’s character defining run in the late 70’s all the way to last year’s psycho-Daredevil story “Shadowland” — that a book featuring a happy and optimistic Matt Murdock would be not just be […]

Why no one showed up to “We the Party”

By Kayla Cohen “We the Party” was definitely a party I wish I hadn’t shown up to. “We the Party” is the story of five friends in L.A. trying to fit in. Great, another one of those stories. It shows the normal high school problems:Trying to be cool, fitting in, partying, and the totally cliché […]

No one was singing about the return of “Glee”

By Kayla Cohen Last season, Kevin McHale, who plays Artie, wheeled himself into the pool during a synchronized swimming act. Isn’t that more insulting than comical? After all the scrutiny that “Glee” went through from the beginning of the first season for having an able-bodied actor play a character in a wheelchair, they are back […]