By Jessica Farley

Fancy, gourmet foods aren’t usually associated with most college campuses.

But, George Mason’s “Crazy Awesome Food and Entertainment” club is working to change that. Today and tomorrow at 4 p.m. in Southside’s professional kitchen and Parking Lot L, Crazy Awesome Food and Entertainment will be providing free gourmet food in honor of Mason Day.

The student-ran group, which has a core membership of about 70 volunteers, will prepare, cook, and serve all of the food to those who work up an appetite celebrating their school spirit. What’s on the menu?  “Chicken burgers marinated in Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbeque Sauce, ‘top-shelf’ hot dogs, sauerkraut made from scratch, hand-formed beef burgers seasoned with basil and fresh herbs, vegan veggie burgers, and ‘enough sweet, juicy  watermelon to feed a small army,’” says founding president and senior Mark Feghali, 32, majoring in Computer Science.

Hungry yet?

This is the second year that Crazy Awesome Food and Entertainment has offered free grub to students on Mason Day. Last year, they prepared a gluten-free menu. Among the  featured food items was the suggestively titled “better-than-sex pancakes” which, according to Feghali, “didn’t even need syrup they were so good!” Even more impressive than the erotic pancakes? “Last year, everything we prepared was funded out of the pockets of our own members,” says Feghali, who added that his club hosts myriad events throughout the year, including “DIY Chipotle Night.”

This year however, Crazy Awesome Food and Entertainment was fortunate enough to receive funding from Student Government, Program Board, and Mason Dining Services for their gourmet affair.

“We’ve been told that Mason Day can attract anywhere between 6,000 and 7,000 students,” Feghali said.  “We’re preparing enough food for about 1,600 people, and that’s not accounting for people taking seconds- which I know they will!”

Well, if that’s the case, I’ll be the first in line.