Art for the People

The Floating Lab Remuseum An object “re-installed” from the Remuseum By Rachel Newdorf Museums usually stay in one place. But the Remuseum travels around the Washington D.C.-area in a converted food delivery truck. The Floating Lab Collective is a group of artists collaboratively working together to create art that involves the viewers and make people […]

It’s Shear Madness

By Samita Mason Shear Madness has been playing for 22 years — yet the Kennedy Center is packed as guests file in for another performance of the D.C. who-done-it. The set has been the same for 22 years and involves a barber shop where a murder occurs. Using clues, the audience is asked to help […]

Good Girls Gone Bad

The New HBO series, “Girls” is being called the next “Sex and the City” — but without all the crazy-expensive shoes. The show takes place in New York starring main character Hannah Horvath (Lena Dunham who at 25 is the writer, director and star of the show). Horvath is a college graduate who is an […]

“Eagleheart” Season Two Premiere, Don’t Ever Change, Chris Mosanto

By John Gilloly Debuting last year with little to no advertising, Adult Swim’s live-action scripted show “Eagleheart” caught viewers and critics by surprise. Produced by Conan O’Brien’s production house, Conaco, in its first venture into the world of scripted television, the “lone soldier cop” satire gained eyeballs through word of mouth. What has been described […]

Grads Move into the “Big Leagues” With $5 Nats Game!

By: Jessica Farley There’s no better way to usher in the summer months than with baseball; relaxing in the stands with a cold beer, a hot dog, and your team winning seems to be the highlight of many people’s warm weather days. Unless of course you’re ushering in summertime with a brand new college diploma- […]

ALBUM REVIEW: Brendon Small’s “Galaktikon”

By John Gilloly Brendon Small is made of metal. The co-creator of Adult Swim’s “Metalocalypse” and it’s cartoon death-metal band Dethklok, Small has proved his shred-ability multiple times over  recording Dethklok’s very real, very brutal songs. Small has somewhat ventured on his own, creating a new metal venture outside of the confines of his cartoon […]

“Cabin in the Woods” Gives “Bad Trip” a Twisted New Meaning.

By Donovan Hall Trippy. Brutal. Intense. Insane. Nightmarish. These are the only words I can think of to describe the latest slasher flick, “Cabin in the Woods.” It was like a bad trip — packed with paranoia, powerful hallucinations and overall bad vibes, man. “Cabin in the Woods”mixes that with a touch of conspiracy, a […]

DJ Fresh Air Takes New York City

by Karina Schultheis Aaron Conyngham has wanted to be a lawyer since he was 6 years old. His father was a lawyer, his grandfather was a lawyer. His great-grandfather was a lawyer. Conyngham is comfortable speaking his mind and his voice is frequently heard during class discussions and debates. His words often leave the room […]

Comic Review: “Earth 2”

“Earth 2” Writer: James Robinson Artist: Nicola Scott Publisher: DC Comics By John Gilloly Parallel worlds are a tricky business. It’s such a uniquely science fiction concept, moreover comic book concept. The idea that something in the universe that changed that made it different then the world you live in is really the stuff of […]

Hey Fairfax, I’ll Meet You at the Turtle!

By John Gillooly The Greene Turtle, a bar/restaurant famous for its location within the Verizon Center in downtown D.C., has open a new location right smack dab in the middle of Fairfax, between University Blvd. and Route 123. I went to the grand opening of the restaurant two weeks ago the night of the  Washington […]