A Helping Handbag

  By Tabby Hardman Not only are Bindle Bags stylish and chic — but buying one helps the homeless. Frank Petricoin, a 19-year-old philosophy major and aspiring social entrepreneur created the concept for Bindle Bags last fall. The idea to start this business had been brewing in Petricoin’s head since junior year of high school and […]

MTV’s “Made” Comes to Mason

By: Jessica Farley MTV might be making a George Mason University students dream come true. Last Tuesday and Wednesday, producers from MTV’s hit show “Made” visited George Mason University’s Fairfax campus and auditioned students to star in future episodes. The show, which has aired on MTV since 2002, features a different individual every episode pursuing […]

Where Was Calvin?

By: Jessica Farley Calvin Smith rocked the annual homecoming lip-synching competition last year. His name popped up on chatrooms, and he was even recognized and stopped by students on campus. “A group of girls came up to me in a dining hall one night asking me to help them with their moves; it was hilarious!” […]

With Great Power … What Would You Do?

By Donovan Hall Most super power movies come out with thousands of fans waiting to see their beloved comic book story on the big screen. However, “Chronicle” is a unique and twisted view on the idea of super powers that strays away from comic books. “Chronicle” is the tale of three friends who discover super […]

A Not-So-“Gilt”-y Shopping Spree

More than 65 women are standing shoulder-to-shoulder along a long, white table, digging through a mountain of boxes in search of mates to Marni, Delman and Giuseppe Zanotti shoes. “They should have a better system with this shoe thing,” says Jaclyn Silva of Fairfax. “I think there’s a good selection here, but it’s impossible to […]

Jack Bauer is back?…Sort of…

By Tony Jamison The following takes place between 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. Mondays on Fox (oh how I miss the countdown). For us immovable 24 fans, Touch is the morphine shot we need until the resurrection of our favorite super-agent on the silver screen. I started to get this twitch in my right arm […]

Jordan Baird: George Mason’s Own American Idol?

By: Rebecca Offenkrantz The name, Jordan Baird, probably doesn’t sound very familiar to you. The junior, majoring in Vocal Performance, transferred to Mason in the Fall of 2011. Baird was one of three walk-ons for our men’s basketball team, but, while he’s not been on the court much yet — he has spent a lot of […]

Country Star Blake Shelton on Campus

Get your cowboy boots, hat, and pearl-snap shirt ready to go. Country music super star, Blake Shelton, is coming to campus. The Patriot Center  will welcome Shelton on Saturday, Feb. 25, 2012 for the “Well Lit & Amplified Tour 2012.” “It is nice not having to travel far to see such talented artists perform. I […]

White Girl to White Girl

White Girl Problems By Babe Walker 276 pages. Hyperion Books. $13.99   By Victoria Miller Barbara Walker spent $245,893.50 in one afternoon. She didn’t buy a house, she didn’t pay off her student loans, she bought clothes. And that landed her in rehab. Babe Walker is a 25-year-old rich girl penning her memoir on an […]

Nailed It! A Look at Nails Trends for 2012 at GMU

When it comes to nails, Meghann Smith has never really been a “French tip” type of girl. “I think nail art is one of the greatest forms of self-expression,” says Smith, and 18-year-old freshman. “It’s the perfect canvas to get creative without being too over-the-top.” Like many young women, Smith is itching to test out […]