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By: Jessica Farley

MTV might be making a George Mason University students dream come true.

Last Tuesday and Wednesday, producers from MTV’s hit show “Made” visited George Mason University’s Fairfax campus and auditioned students to star in future episodes.

The show, which has aired on MTV since 2002, features a different individual every episode pursuing a certain goal or aspiration, with the help and guidance of a “Made Coach.”  The show follows the individual for a few weeks as they try to reach their goal.

“This is one of the greatest and coolest opportunities,” says Tyler McDonald, an undeclared Freshman, who went to the auditions hoping to be “made” into a stand-up comedian.  He has performed at GMU’s Homecoming Talent show and runs a comedy-based YouTube channel under the stage name “T-Money.”

“I actually got her laughing,” said McDonald, 18, after his audition. “I thought that was a good sign.”

McDonald was one of nearly 40 students who auditioned for Jessica Arbus, a casting associate producer for MTV Networks.

Arbus selected Mason because she was looking for a diverse student body.

“Mason was a great fit for that,” she said.

Ayana Butler, a Freshman majoring in Vocal Performance, 18, went to her interview in hopes of becoming a collegiate cheerleader. Butler was out of the country at the time of last year’s try-outs, and feels that with the help of the show, she can learn how to kill next years tryouts. Although she was nervous when Arbus asked her to cheer.

While many students auditioned earnestly trying to make a dream come true, others just wanted to have fun.  For example, Jackie Mulherin,  a 21-year-old senior majoring in Global Affairs, went into her audition in hopes of “becoming a dictator.”

Surprisingly, she says, when she told Arbus her sarcastic goal the reaction was “complete seriousness and understanding.”

Now, students who auditioned have to wait and see if the made it to the show. If they did, they’ll get a phone call or an e-mail letting them know, that MTV is going to make their dream come true.