Art for the People

The Floating Lab Remuseum An object “re-installed” from the Remuseum By Rachel Newdorf Museums usually stay in one place. But the Remuseum travels around the Washington D.C.-area in a converted food delivery truck. The Floating Lab Collective is a group of artists collaboratively working together to create art that involves the viewers and make people […]

Taking the Mic on Their Own Volition

By Daniel A. Shyti Before Monday, March 5, I didn’t know very much about Volition, GMU’s art and literary magazine.  To be completely honest, I didn’t even know we had one.  But with events like last Monday’s open-mic night, the magazine staffers are hoping to change that. “We’re trying to revamp our image,” said Hannah […]

Art Olympians take the Challenge!

By Rachel Newdorf Millions around the world will be watching the summer Olympics in London this year.   Can’t afford a ticket across the pond? Mason is offering their own Olympics this Spring.   On April 5, the first ever School of Art Olympics will take place in the Art and Design building. With events […]

Faced With Humanity

By Rachel Newdorf Deborah Lash lost everything when she was 8. Her house burned down leaving her family homeless. With little to no material objects, Lash and her five siblings kept each other company and occupied while their parents dealt with the burden of trying to put their lives back together. In her new solo-photography […]